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Aley El Naggar London UK

I met Michel at a very dark time in my life I was confused, acting out and in a very abusive relationship that compelled my every decision. Michel then helped open my eyes to a much bigger picture and made me realise a lot about me that I couldn’t come to terms with. Now I managed to cut off all my negative surroundings, grow aware and accepting of any pain because sweating bad things have to happen in order for an amazing thing to take place and change your life . It wasn’t easy it wasn’t comfortable but it was definitely worth it.


                                                                                          Aley El Naggar

Elizabeth Ugald London UK
As a Life Coach, Michel was very impacting in my life. He gave me the chance to unlock something that had been stuck in me for a long long time. Now I feel I enjoy my life to the fullest. When I met him I didn't have a clue that what was to come was actually beyond anything I could have expected. Thank you Michel for bringing light to my life.  
                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                Elizabeth Ugalde 
Amelia Melo London UK
En las sesiones de coaching con Michel he vivido espacios donde estaba presente la magia y se producia en mi interior una transformación, sanación y elevación profunda. Su voz y su mirada me han acompañado hasta reencontrar en mi, otras formas de mirar y vivir cada instante con plena confianza en la existencia. Gracias! ♥

                                                                                                      Amelia Melo

“You are here to unleash the light that wants to shine” — Michel Daniel

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