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My name is Michel Daniel. I live in London UK. I’m a Life Coach, musician and economist (graduated from Staffordshire University, UK).

I lived a devastating turning point in my life when I got extremely ill which made me look at life and others from a completely different perspective that led me to understanding that my thoughts had created pain and disease all my life to a great extent. After all this I didn’t only survive but went on to thrive living a joyful life. 

Living & Thriving

What I learned on my Journey


Overcoming hurdles and the willingness to share everything that had helped me made me become a Life Coach after I had a life-changing shamanic experience living with indigenous in the Amazon Jungle in Peru where I had the chance to research about nature, plants and the amazing spiritual realm.

I have always been interested in helping people through their spiritual paths and guiding them to doors only they can open.

 It is exciting to help others bring about success, peace and satisfaction with themselves. help them be the best version of themselves in order to reach their full potential.

It’s just fear contracting us against full expansion. Can you imagine how much we could achieve if we could just remove this fear?

I believe helping you is helping me. At the end of the day We are all one.

I’ll help you reach your full Potential through life coaching sessions tailored to YOU.
If I could do it, You can too.

I’m here at Awakening Sky to help you


Years of Experience
Empathy and Compassion
Proven Leadership
Guaranteed Satisfaction

Contact me and Evolve with me

Talk to Me. Feel free to contact me for a free consultation or for more information about my services and remember that I'm here to help you.

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